Airport Car Rental

airport car hire, AvisCar hire is by it's very nature straight forward.  As a customer, you are hiring the use of a car for a set amount of time.  The car rental company may have particular restrictions they place on your hire - you may have to return it to a special location, ensure the car is returned with a full tank of petrol, and ensure that the car is only driven by licensed adults over the age of twenty-one (sometimes twenty-five).  Aside from these sorts of minor rules and regulations, however, car hire is generally quite simple.  Where you go and what you see is entirely up to you as the hirer; you don't need to be restricted by transportation time-tables or routes.


To make your experience more enjoyable, there are a few important factors to keep in mind when you are hiring a car.  First of all, remember that the car is a hired vehicle and must be treated as such - try to keep it as clean as possible, as some companies will charge you to have the car cleaned upon return if it is particularly dirty.  Secondly, it is advisable that you invest in the insurance offered by the rental company - without it, damage to the car will have to be paid for out of your pocket.  Third, remember that you are in an unfamiliar location and that traffic rules and local crime trends may be different.  Always drive cautiously and with courtesy towards fellow drivers, and never leave any of your belongings in the car while it is parked or over night.  With hire cars it pays to be cautious - this is the easiest way to ensure you have a relaxing and enjoyable holiday.

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