Airport Car Rental

airport car hire companiesWhen you begin planning your trip, one of the first things you will need to sort out is your car rental.  When you are booking the car (whether over the phone, in person or on the car hire company's website) you will be asked several questions about your travel plans, so it is important you have a basic idea about your holiday before you make the reservation.  You will need to tell the car hire company which person (or people) in your group will be driving the car (how old they are, what sort of licence they have, and whether they have had any criminal convictions or accidents); where you will be driving to (so that they can calculate expected mileage); what size car you need, and whether or not it needs to be an automatic.  From this information you can get an accurate quote and reserve your car ready for arrival.


As most people on holidays get to their location by plane, airports are one of the best ways to find a car hire company.  Almost all airports have more than one hire company, many have several.  Plan to collect your car direct from the airport you're arriving at as this eliminates having to pay for a taxi to an off-site hire business.  Make sure you have adequate road maps and directions to get around the region, and if you find that you don't, ask at the hire desk.  As a rule car hire companies keep road atlases on hand for such an occasion.

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